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We are a B Corporation that offers healthy agro-industrial products to the market, respecting the parameters of Organic Production and Fair Trade.
We work with seven (7) small farmer associations in six (6) estates of the Colombian Andean region, generating alternatives for social, economic and environmental development in the agricultural sector in our country.
Each of these associations is in charge of providing us organic raw material of the highest quality, which later on we process in our new production plant, with no additives or preservatives.
Organic Production 100% of our production, raw materials and processing plant is certified by the Organic norm for North America (NOP) and the European Union (CEE).
In Addition, as part of this effort, we support our farmers and growers in their objective to grow, be more productive and establish a trend in organic production in each of their regions.
For us, Fair Trade means: 1) Direct impact to small farmers and growers through fair compensation, dignified treatment and high recognition and appreciation of their labor. 2) Improvement of our collaborators quality of life through permanent labor contracts. 3) Responsibility and transparency towards our consumers, clients and allies. 

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